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About Us

Joyful Dirt - providing indoor & outdoor plants organic fertilizer


Joyful Dirt sprouted in Portland OR by a team of passionate plant lovers. Our mission - deliver premium organic based nutrients to your plants roots to help them thrive.

Joyful Dirt's product line is organic based and will not burn or hurt plants, even if overused.  It can be applied with a simple shake on top of the dirt, and watered in or, mixed in the watering can…simple, safe, effective.


Joyful Dirt - organic plant fertilizer

With an ISA certified Master Arborist and decades of tree and plant experience we set out to create the highest quality, all-natural fertilizer for all plants in beautiful Portland, Oregon.


We continue to research and develop the best products to keep all our plants vibrant and thriving. 


Joyful Dirt is based in Portland, Oregon