Enhance plant growth, plant health and disease resistance.

Available in small, medium, and large quantities for your indoor or outdoor garden.

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All Natural Fertilizer Products

Happy Dirt. Happy Plants.

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Happy Dirt. Happy Plants.

Indoor House Plants

Available in 2 ounce shakers. Great for retailers and plants around the home!

1 Pound Bags

Great for small to medium size home gardens, plants, bushes, and shrubs.

Wholesale & Bulk

Suitable for growers, greenhouses, hydroponic systems, and large plant yields.

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Wholesale packages are in sizes starting from 10 pounds to 44 gallon barrels (260 pounds). Want to try it out first? Contact us to get a sample bag!

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Is it safe for pets?

Yes, it is completely safe for pets and children.  In fact you could drink it and be fine.  Trust us, it would not taste great nor would it help with your personal health in any way.

When can I expect to see results, and what will those results be?

Results show up in the root system within a week, and results vary per plant species. Typically, you will see results on the foliage within two to four weeks from initial use.

Are there any plants that it does not work on?

No. Joyful Dirt substantially assists ALL plants with healthy growth.

Are you OMRI certified?

As of now, no.  One of our suppliers of the pothash has not been certified OMRI, but we are actively looking for a replacement that is so we can obtain the certification.

Can I over use Joyful Dirt?

No.  You could use our product everyday on a plant and it would not harm the plant.  However, it wouldn’t help it any more than monthly usage states, and would become costly.  Used once per month, for an indoor plant, would generate tremendous results!

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