Our Story

A Bottle of Wine & Great Conversation

The Joyful Dirt Story

started with a bottle of wine, and a deep conversation about what we could do for the world: help grow healthy plants to clean indoor air.

Joyful Dirt was established in 2015 with the sole mission to create the highest quality, all natural fertilizer product available and help make the world a healthier place through healthier plants. One of the founders (Trevor) is an ISA certified Master Arborist. It was his years of experience and knowledge that helped work through the many product variations and possibilities to settle on our current formula we have now. It is not only of the highest quality, but the easiest to use.

If you are looking to grow the healthiest plants, whether regular houseplants, an outdoor garden, hydroponic growing, or just need to help a plant get healthy, we want to help you! We are committed to continued research and development to ensure that our product exceeds not only your expectations, but the results of all of our competitors.


The Brains.

Trevor and his wife Jeanine own one of the largest privately held tree care companies in Oregon, and his passion for plant care goes back decades. As a Board Certified Master Arborist, his experience, and much trial and error, Trevor has perfected the Joyful Dirt products to enhance any plant’s growth. When he isn’t traveling to Napa for wine, he’s passionate about using his experience and schooling in Chemistry to make things grow.


The Marketing & Operations.

Ryan knows sales. He’s been in marketing and sales his entire life, but finds his greatest passion in online marketing and strategically growing a brand. Ryan lives with his wife Andrea, three kids under 4 years old, and his wife’s chihuahua mix dog on a farm in Sherwood, Oregon. Ryan graduated with a degree in business management from the University of Oregon.

Why Purify Indoor Air?

Many studies have been done on the benefits of houseplants, but few people have enough, and even less, to keep them alive long enough. After much research, we found that the statistics are scary and our air is very dirty! Like all parents, we value our families and their health, so we’ve set out to change this scary scenario.

The Problem

The United Nations estimates that over 2 million people a year die from dirty indoor air!

The Solution

Invest in plants and organic fertilizer to help grow your indoor and outdoor plants that will purify your air.

Happy Dirt. Happy Plants.


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